Fosto Wing -riippuvalaisin
Fosto Wing -riippuvalaisin
Fosto Wing -riippuvalaisin
Fosto Wing -riippuvalaisin
Fosto Wing -riippuvalaisin
Fosto Wing -riippuvalaisin
Fosto Wing -riippuvalaisin
Wing-riippuvalaisimen energiatodistus

Heikki Turunen

Fosto Wing -riippuvalaisin

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Color:Opal white
Johdon pituus:Vakio (1.5 m)

‘I love the simple, sleek design of the Wing lamp. The starting point for this design was a wing-like shape. It took numerous sketches to get the shape of the lamp right. The lamp looks light and sleek even though it’s fairly large. The simple shape and perfect balance of light and shade make it a versatile light fitting that is suitable for a wide range of applications.’ – Heikki Turunen

  • Cord: white plastic 1.5 m
  • Base: E27
  • Size: h 450 mm, ø 600 mm
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Material and color upper parts : White powder painted aluminum
  • Hanging: height adjustable, on a ceiling hook
  • Color: opalwhite
  • Ceiling cup: white, cone
  • Options: Longer cord 2-5 m, Dimmable LED-light source, LED-light source, Smart Control Bluethoot dimming
  • Weight: 1.55 kg
  • Package size: 2.4 kg / 61x60x21.5 cm
  • Recommendation: LED lamp 9-10W, compact fluorescent lamp ball cup 20-30W, compact fluorescent lamp spiral 20-30W
  • Capacity: max 100W