Fosto Umbrella -kattovalaisin
Fosto Umbrella -kattovalaisin
Fosto Umbrella -kattovalaisin
Fosto Umbrella -kattovalaisin
Fosto Umbrella -kattovalaisin
Umbrella-kattovalaisimen energiatodistus

Jonas Hakaniemi

Fosto Umbrella -kattovalaisin

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Color:Opal white

“Habitare featured Umbrella as a new release of 2013. The umbrella-like shape developed as the designing process progressed. Opal acrylic as a material brings out the best features of light and the lights’ shape. Small angles on the domes’ surface give an edgy look without highlighting the light too much.”

– Jonas Hakaniemi

With its three light bulbs Senja can provide an intensive amount of light without being too glaring making it suitable for both homes and public spaces. The large lighting surface makes the emitted light very soft and pleasant. It is also very well suited for photographers.

Technical specifications

  • Designer: Jonas Hakaniemi
  • Light bulb cap: 3 x E27
  • Size: ø 700 mm, h 250 mm, 2,1 kg
  • Material: acrylic, brass painted white mounting nut, brass hanging bar, light frame baked enamel sheet metal.
  • Color: opalwhite
  • Recommendation: LED-lamps 9-15 W, PL-lamps 10-25 W
  • Power: max. 3 x 40 W 
  • Mounting: to ceiling hook with a plug
  • Packaging: 68x68x26 cm, 3,8 kg
  • Manufactured in Orimattila, Finland


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