Sininen Stan Ø30 -riippuvalaisin tuotekuvassa
Fosto Stan Ø30 -riippuvalaisin
Valkoinen Stan Ø30 -riippuvalaisin tuotekuvassa
Keltainen Stan Ø30 -riippuvalaisin tuotekuvassa
Punainen Stan Ø30 -riippuvalaisin tuotekuvassa
Fosto Stan Ø30 -riippuvalaisin
Fosto Stan Ø30 -riippuvalaisin
Fosto Stan Ø30 -riippuvalaisin
Stan Ø30 -riippuvalaisimen energiatodistus

Mika Tolvanen

Fosto Stan Ø30 -riippuvalaisin

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"A ceiling lamp is both a tool and a sculptural object. The biggest challenge was to find a shape that has the right presence and looks just 'right' from every angle. A shape that seems simple is usually more complicated than it appears at first glance. The ceiling lamp should illuminate the entire room with a warm glow without glare. How you know that the shape is just 'right' is very difficult to describe in words. Some things are instinctive.” – Mika Tolvanen

Technical information

Stand Ø30

  • Sun visor: as standard, fixed with a silicone strap
  • Management: white plastic 1.5 m
  • Counter: E27
  • Size: ø 300 mm, h 210 mm
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Suspension: height adjustable, for ceiling hook
  • Color: white, yellow, blue, red
  • Color anti-glare: frost polar white
  • EAN: 
  • Roof cup: CableCup™, white; hemisphere
  • Option: Longer cable 2-5 m, Dimmable LED bulb, LED bulb, Smart Control Bluetooth control
  • Weight: 0.85 kg
  • Packaging information: 1.3 kg / 31x31x27 cm
  • Recommendation: LED lamp 9-10W, PL lamp 15-25W
  • Power: max 40W