Opaalinvalkoinen Reflex-riippuvalaisin tuotekuvassa
Fosto Reflex -riippuvalaisin
Reflex-riippuvalaisin ruokapöydän yläpuolella
Reflex-riippuvalaisimen mittapiirrustus
Fosto Reflex -riippuvalaisin
Reflex-riippuvalaisimen energiatodistus

Heikki Turunen & ORNO Originals

Fosto Reflex -riippuvalaisin

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SKU: ORNO 964-590
Color:Opal white

In the Reflex light, designer Heikki Turunen has combined his favorite material, transparent and clear acrylic in pure style. The Reflex light participated Finland designs – exhibition in 1979.

  • Original code: ORNO 964-590
  • Cord: white plastic 1.5 m
  • Base: E27
  • Size: ø 550 mm, h 230 mm
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Material and color upper parts : Clear acrylic
  • Hanging: height adjustable, on a ceiling hook
  • Color: opalwhite
  • Ceiling cup: white, cone
  • Options: Longer cord 2-5 m, Dimmable LED-light source, LED-light source, Smart Control Bluethoot dimming
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Package size: 2.4 kg / 56x56x28 cm
  • Recommendation: LED lamp 9-10W, CFL lamp 15-20W
  • Capacity: max 60W