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Toimitamme tilauksesi maksutta valitsemaasi Postin noutopisteeseen tai pakettiautomaattiin manner Suomen alueella.

Toimitusaika noin 1-3 arkipäivää mikäli tuote on heti lähetettävissä (varastossa). Lähes kaikkia tuotteita on aina varastossamme. Muussa tapauksessa toimitusaika noin 1-2 viikkoa (ei varastossa).


Osa tuotteista lähetetään Kaukokiidon toimituksella mikäli tuote ei täytä Postin pakettiehtoja. Yleisesti Kaukokiidon kautta toimitetaan isot tuotteet sekä jälleenmyyjien tilaukset.


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Toimitamme kaikki tilaukset Postin ulkomaanpaketteina tai Postin rahtina. Ulkomaan toimituksissa noudatetaan voimassaolevaa hinnastoa joka päivittyy verkkokaupan kassalle valitun toimitusmaan mukaan.

bright scandinavian design


Fosto Oy from Tampere bought the lighting business operations from Kera Interior in June of 2022. 
Kera Interior has over half of a century of history of producing and designing finnish design interior lights. Kera Interior will continue utilizing their knowledge as the contract manufacturer and strategic partner of Fosto.

"Ever since I was a little boy I have been really interested in lamps and lights. Now a brilliant opportunity opened up to start a company in the design light business. I already coincidentally had Fosto Oy laying around as an old shelf company and it had been waiting for a new ignition for years."

- Jarno Lahtinen, CEO



We are a company from Tampere, Finland. The lights in our collection are designed and handcrafted in Finland. The lights are assembled in Orimattila but some subcontracted parts come from other parts of Finland, therefore all our lights are awarded the finnish high quality Avainlippu-certificate. The finnish lights represent elegant and timeless scandinavian design at its purest.



We manufacture ORNO and Kera- classic lights with their original machinery and drawings – with just the methods that the designers set for each of the lights when they designed them. We continue uncompromisingly the traditions of decades as the manufacturer of high quality and impressive design lights.


The best lights will still be made in the North in the future since high quality light is a necessity for living most of the year. In the summer time the lights needs to create light and harmony to the space with just their timeless beauty. The bright scandinavian design will carry out also internationally. We will continue to bring new lighting fixtures that hopefully someday will become new classics.